Loving Elastic Beanstalk in AWS


I recently joined a great startup and I was tasked with working migrating all their Elasticbeanstalk applications to another VPC, i had not worked with elastic beanstalk before but in 3 days i had everything figure it out. I am very impressed with elastic beanstalk. You can control everything using the AWS console but who wants to do that.

Once i installed the ebs cli i was able to migrate all the applications to the new VPC . I created the vac using Ansible and used the new AWS NATGateways service instead of NAT instances. So far I like elasticbeankstalk and I would actually recommend it to companies that want to quickly deploy and escape their environments on the cloud. :)

Great job AWS

Git flow Cheat Sheet.

We make use of gitflow at work so here is a quick reference for people who might forget something
at places where they use the git-flow command.

# Git-Flow Cheatsheet

## References

- Detailed Cheatsheet: <http://danielkummer.github.io/git-flow-cheatsheet/>
- Command-line Arguments Reference: <https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/wiki/Command-Line-Arguments>
- git-flow Home: <https://github.com/nvie/gitflow>

## Initialize a Repository for git-flow

git flow init -d

(Omit `-d` if you want to select values other than the defaults.)

## Features

### Start a New Feature

This creates a new branch based on `develop` and switches to it:

git flow feature start FEATURENAME

### Finish a Feature

This merges the feature into `develop`, removes the feature branch, and switches to `develop`:

git flow feature finish FEATURENAME

### Publish a Feature

Push a feature branch to remote repository:

git flow feature publish FEATURENAME

Get a feature published by another user from remote repository:

git flow feature pull origin FEATURENAME

## Releases

### Start a Release

Create release branch from `develop`:

git flow release start RELEASENAME

Publish release branch:

git flow release publish RELEASENAME

Create a local tracking branch for a remote release:

git flow release track RELEASENAME

### Finish a Release

Merge release branch into `master`, tag it, merge back into `develop`, and remove the release branch:

git flow release finish RELEASENAME
git push --tags

## Hotfixes

### Start a Hotfix

Create hotfix branch from `master`:

git flow hotfix start VERSIONNAME

Create hotfix branch from some other commit:

git flow hotfix start VERSIONNAME BASENAME

### Finish a Hotfix

Merge hotfix back into develop and master, and tag:

git flow hotfix finish VERSIONNAME